Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A List of Free Mobile Apps for Learning About Which Teachers Should Definitely Feel Sort of Ambivalent

Here is a selection of recommended apps for learning that I have used and that I feel ambivalent toward (in an intensely burning sort of way)! This is a list of apps that I think every teacher should definitely sort of know about because of their somewhat universal applicability over more or less of a variety of subject areas, with the exception of some or many of these :). 

Okay, so that was my attempt to be humorous and make fun of app lists out there that show nothing but love for apps and how cool they are. The reality is that apps are only tools, and they help us to do specific things. If they fail to help us do these things with more efficiency, then we should discard them for something else. Also, lists like these cannot replace a good search by a goal-oriented teacher, so really the best way to find free mobile apps for learning is to search on app stores such as Google Play, the Windows App Store, or the Apple App Store. These app stores have education sections featuring apps specifically designed for learning. 

The apps listed below are also linked in my book, Educational Technology for Teachers, where we discuss appropriate uses of apps for the Information Age to help teachers be more efficient and effective in teaching. Heres the list: 
  • Adobe Ideas - (Apple IOS devices only) - An illustration app for drawing.
  • Comic Book Creators (Apple IOS and Android) - Tools for creating comic books on a variety of subjects. 
  • Educreations - (Apple IOS devices only) - A tool for recording and sharing lessons on a whiteboard. 
  • Evernote - (Apple IOS and Android) - Save and share notes and pictures across all of your devices.
  • Haiku Deck - (Apple IOS and web) - An alternative to powerpoint for creating engaging presentations 
  • Idea Sketch - A free concept mapping and diagramming tool. 
  • iTranslate - A language translation app. 
  • iTunesU - (Apple IOS devices only) - An app for accessing many free educational materials from higher education. 
  • Learn with Homer - (Apple IOS devices only) A learning app for children aged 3–6.
  • Monkey Math - (Apple IOS and Android) - A fun game for learning math. 
  • Piano apps - (Apple IOS and Android) - A multi touch Piano app for learning music and notes.
  • Prezi - (Apple IOS devices only) - An app for creating online presentations. 
  • Reading apps - (Inkling, iBooks, Kindle) - Tools that support online, interactive and E-book reading. 
  • TeamViewer - An app for teachers that allows you to control a computer with a mobile device. 
  • Toontastic - (Apple IOS devices only) - A tool for creating, animating and recording fun stories.
There it is. I hope you feel an intense ambivalence toward these apps after testing them out. :) Let me know in the comments if you have used one of these apps, or if there are any additional apps that you feel definitely maybe should be on this list. 

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  1. Hi Greg,
    Great list -- thanks so much for including Haiku Deck! I also just wanted to share with you and anyone who may be interested in using Haiku Deck in the classroom, our ultimate resource guide for educators: https://blog.haikudeck.com/new-powerpoint-for-education/ Hope you enjoy!
    Lisa Ma
    Haiku Deck Customer Evangelist