Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Make Your own Class Website for Free: Video Tutorials and Recommended Websites

In the past, creating a website was an activity limited to only those who had specialized hypertext markup language (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS) programming skills. Now, a variety of easy-to-use applications are provided free to help those without specialized knowledge to create websites. This page is an excerpt from my recently published book, Educational Technology for Teachers.

Perhaps the most common type of website in education is the class website. Teachers use class websites to serve a variety of educational functions, from keeping in touch with parents and students about class activities, to chronicling activities completed in the classroom. Class websites might feature many different items including the following:
  • Assignments and homework 
  • Class news and announcements 
  • Pictures and text describing recent classroom activities 
  • Links to supplemental learning resources 
  • Personal information about the teacher, including a resume 
  • Class rules 
  • Supply lists 
  • Class calendars and schedules 
A variety of online tools allow users to easily create a website for free. Some recommended tools include Weebly, Wix and Google Sites. Google Sites and Wix are featured in my book because both are popular, free and simple. To see how to use Google Sites and Wix to setup a free class website, go to chapter 3 of my book and watch the instructional videos. Chapter 3 is free to access. You'll learn how to setup, create content and add pages to your own free website.

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