Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some Websites Suggested by South Dakota Teachers

Recently, I asked a group of South Dakota teachers (who are Master's degree students in my class) to share their favorite website or app. The responses were great and I found that almost every teacher has a unique website/app that they like to use for teaching and learning. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing these websites and apps. To start out, here are a few that were suggested:

Have you ever wanted to show your iPad on your Smart or Promethean board without having to hook it up with wires? Reflector is a computer program that runs on a Mac, PC or any android device and allows you to show your iPad on this device. As an alternative to reflector, other teachers have used AirServer to do the same thing.

Do you need to save links to websites for later? Do you want to save links on one computer but access these links on another? Draggo will help you do this. You can create a page of links to different websites and also organize them into groups and categories. You can also share a page of links with others online.

With GoAnimate, you can create some very nice educational animations with cartoon-like characters. Perhaps the greatest possibility with these types of animations is having students create their own!

ESGI is simple assessment software for early childhood education. You can create, share and use other tests that were created on this site. You can also schedule conferences with this tool.

That's all for today. We'll continue on with more favorite websites and tools from South Dakota teachers in the future!

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